Academic Mentoring

Program Components

  • Academic Mentoring
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • University College Courses
  • Observation/Evaluation of Program
  • CARE Coaching Meetings
  • Faculty Outreach
  • Campus Collaboration

35% of students are more likely to receive an A or B if attending nine or more voluntary mentoring sessions a semester.

3.02 vs. 2.53 is the GPA comparison between students attending five or more voluntary sessions and those who do not.

24,441.5hours is the time academic mentors spent providing support to students in one semester.

My mentor remembers what it was like just starting out in the class; she gave me many helpful studying tips. . . . I would not be doing as well as I am right now in BIOL-N 212 without my mentor.

Anonymous BIOL-N 212 Student (fall 2016)

Academic mentors are students who have successfully completed the course for which they mentor. The mentor provides students with a structured, collaborative learning environment and activities that will help them achieve academic success in traditionally difficult courses.