Study Skill Videos

Time management

Josh, like many other college students, struggles with balancing a schedule and making it to classes on time. That is until he crosses paths with an academic success coach from the Bepko Learning Center. Watch this to learn some ways of making the most out of your time!

Five reasons you need the BLC

These are the five reasons you need the Bepko Learning Center.

Communication and listening

Have you ever been speaking and someone talks over you? Have you ever spoken over someone while they were talking? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, this video is for you! Check out some useful tips in this video for communication with peers, instructors, and while online.

Procrastination and motivation

Most college students have had an encounter (or two) with procrastination sometime during their college career. This video discusses several tips for fighting back against procrastination through motivating yourself!